How do we start?



So what happens in psychotherapy?

We will meet initially for 1 2 hours.  This is a chance to get some feeling of who each of us is and to discuss your situation and what you are looking for from therapy. We will look at practical issues to of when we will meet and the question of fees.

At the end of this meeting, we will make a mutual decision on whether to work together. There is no charge for this initial assessment.  Beyond this, working together at a regular time each week, psychotherapy is undertaken as a confidential, co-operative venture between me as therapist and you, the client, using straight-forward language we both understand.

With respect and understanding we will develop a secure working relationship in which to explore the issues you bring.  Working together at a pace that is healthy for you, we will identify, explore, understand and eliminate barriers to your happiness and fulfilment.

We will work to build a strong sense of who you really are and strengthen your capacity to form healthy, sustaining relationships. Both are essential to managing the stressful experience that life today can be, even here on the Costa Blanca. Fees for each session are normally 50.